Minoan Route


Land Rover Safari Minoan Route


Experience the central part of Crete with its mythology, flora, fauna with lots of fun and interesting information about Crete and the local life.

Your day starts from the moment you meet your drivers where they take you to your first stop at the Aposelimi dam. Continuing our journey through paths and olive trees, we reach the ruins of the Roman aqueduct of Lyttos. Next stop is the quaint village of Kastamonitsa where we join the locals for Raki and Olive oil tasting. From here the real off-road adventure begins by climbing high into the mountains and following the ancient Minoan path that leads us to a local shepherd where you have the chance try some of the home-made cheese and see a lot of wild animals. From here we make our way to a magnificent viewpoint where we can see the Minoan path and the first sitting of the Lassithi Plateau.

Making our way down onto the Plateau we head to Zeus’ Cave (where mythology says that Zeus, the father of all the gods was born!) there is a 6€ entrance fee and walking shoes are recommended. When you reach the top of the cave you have the opportunity to take photographs as if with a helicopters view of
the Lassithi Plateau and from here we cross the Plateau and stop for your delicious BBQ lunch with unlimited wine (vegetarian option available)!

As we continue, we reach the village of Krassi, which is our last stop of the day, which is famous for a 2,000-year old plane tree and has a natural spring water source

This is a day full of many surprises and the excitement is second to none and you certainly won’t forget your fun day out with SAFARICLUB!


  • Aposelimi Dam = The sunken village of Sfendili
  • Lyttos = Roman Aqueduct
  • Kastamonitsa = Raki + Olive oil tasting
  • Mountain View = Herb collecting
  • Shepherd = Goat feeding + cheese tasting
  • Lassithi Plateau = Farms and Windmills
  • Cave = Cave of Zeus
  • Traditional lunch with unlimited wine
  • Krasi = Ancient tree


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