Omalos Route



Our day is the perfect way to explore the rocky mountains of west Crete, with beautiful gorges, plateaus, magnificent views and far out places that can only be reached by Land Rovers.

Our day starts as we drive though the vast orange groves of western Crete heading towards the gorge of Therisso, an amazing and scenic journey. Here we stop for a coffee, thus adopting the Cretan way of life and where you have the chance to see the village which is relative to the revolution of Crete. After coffee, we start climbing towards the White Mountains where we make one more stop at village of Lakoi. There you get the chance to take some photos and where our extreme off road adventure starts.

A small road leads us on the highest point of the day where we get the chance to see Samaria Gorge like being in a helicopter and we will have the chance to observe many endangered species such as vultures and eagles. Climbing down towards the plateau of Omalos and working up an appetite we visit a small traditional taverna which is hanging on the edge of the Samaria Gorge. There we will be welcomed with the famous warm Cretan hospitality by Aristotelis, the owner who will introduce us to Cretan cuisine with plenty wine. Enough free time is offered as well so you explore the area and spot wild Kri-Kri in their natural habitat.

After lunch we drive through the plateau of Omalos where time has virtually stood still. The local people are mainly farmers and you will see many goat’s, sheep and even some donkeys at work. We take a short ride to visit the village of Sebronas where we follow the route of the river, we make a stop in the forest to get fresh water. We make one last stop at the village of Vouves where we get the chance to see the world’s oldest olive tree while you enjoy a coffee or raki just before we reach your hotels.

This is a day full of many surprises and the excitement is second to none, you certainly won’t forget your fun day out on our GREAT ADVENTURE!!

  • Orange groves
  • Therisso gorge = coffee break
  • `White Mountains`
  • Lakoi = viewpoint
  • Highest point = lookout point
  • Omalos plateau = lunch
  • Sebronas = fresh water stop
  • Vouves = oldest olive tree in the world


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