Hi my name is Gary.
I am 59 years old. Born in Hong Kong but have lived in various places around the UK. I moved to Crete with my wife Anne 17 years ago. We livein a small village in the foothills where Anne and I have really embraced the cretin way of life. So much so the villagers don’t call me Gary, everyone calls me Harris which is the closest Greek name to Gary
When first moving here I did lots of different tourist jobs on the island but finally managed to land what is probably the best job I have ever had, taking people around the island of Crete in a Land Rover for Safari Club.
I really enjoy showing people the island I love. If you visit Crete and come on safari with me and I will make sure you get to see the real Crete. From the high plateaus to the deep gorges via forests and traditional villages. Be warned I will bombard you with a mind full of information about the history, culture, wild life and flora and founa of the island whilst having some fun along the way . See you soon!

Gary speaks the following languages: